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NMC Railway Systems Open Full Service Maintenance Shop in Lincoln, NE

September 23, 2013

Omaha, Neb. (Sept. 2013) – NMC Railway Systems, a division of NMC, Inc., is proud to announce the recent opening of their new service and maintenance shop in Lincoln, Neb.

The newly reorganized department is responsible for the set-up and shipment of equipment and also serves as a hub for railroad parts. “We want to ensure that our railroad customers received the attention to detail for their equipment to help them stay productive in the field,” says Todd Guenther, Railroad Specialist for NMC Railway Systems. “With our new service shop, it allows us to accommodate the railroads ever changing needs.”
The NMC Railway Systems service shop will house the following services for customers:

Preventive Maintenance kits for Cat service intervals
Parts support assistance for mechanics
Hose crimping and repair
Invoicing through ORRIS PO system
Parts books/CD’s

Welding, custom fabrication and design
SOS fluid analysis services
Any service intervals
Product Link for GPS tracking and fault codes

NMC Railway Systems parts representatives can provide you the correct filters and service products for each service interval, helping to eliminate over ordering or purchasing the incorrect filters. With the kit system, there is no need to memorize individual parts numbers, and PM kits are easy to store making them accessible when service is needed.

Additionally, the new railroad service location is located just across from the BNSF Lincoln Hobson Yard. “Being accessible to one of the nation’s largest railroads helps us to establish a good working relationship and enables us the ability to understand their processes since we are in such close proximity,” says Guenther. “We look forward to building relationships with not only the BNSF, but other major railroads throughout North America.”
For additional information on parts and service information, please call Brandon Meier at 855.680.3100 or visit