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About NMC Railway Systems

NMC Railway Systems, a division of NMC Inc. was founded in 2008 to design, build, and distribute quality, innovative and safe maintenance-of-way (MOW) equipment for the railroad industry, in North America and around the world.

Through decades of working closely with class 1 railroads, NMC Railway Systems has developed and supplied high quality, innovative and safe MOW solutions covering thousands of miles of track—and the quantity and sophistication of the parts and systems that we actually design and manufacture continues to grow each year.

NMC Railway Systems History

NMC Railway Systems may have officially opened for business in 2008, but our link to the railroad industry formed nearly eight decades ago when founders Joe Swanson and W.A. Norris partnered to create Nebraska Machinery Company. The decades that followed gave NMC the opportunity to be a part of a supporting the key infrastructure projects leading to the expansion and connectivity of the growing country.

Through hard work and a determination to create new opportunities, NMC partnered with Class 1 railroads to develop and build custom MOW equipment with Caterpillar® machines as the foundation. The railroads wanted the best equipment for their employees to use around the country and when other companies said no, we said yes—and we will always do whatever it takes to provide what our customers need.


That “whatever it takes” approach starts with our engineering. Our vibrant, growing engineering team is dedicated to improving existing MOW equipment and developing new product designs tailored specifically to our customer’s requirements.

We do it in two ways: First, we take traditional Cat equipment—wheel loaders, excavators and more—and customize them for use in specific railway maintenance applications. The second is by using Cat equipment as a base and then customizing them with other components that we design in-house or acquire from other companies. The final product is equipment made specifically for railway maintenance.

NMC Railway Systems also has the technology and ability to fabricate custom parts. We’re able to go through the whole process—from prototyping to fabrication—in a much shorter time span, thanks to our in-house engineering and development team.


What truly sets NMC Railway Systems apart from other MOW companies is our commitment to service—it’s a commitment shapes everything we do.

Many of the Class 1 railroads rely on the way we service their equipment needs. The reason: Our number one goal is to ensure they have the right tool to run efficiently and effectively. We provide this service in a variety of ways:

  • In-Shop Services—NMC Railway Systems is home to two large shops in Omaha and Lincoln, Neb., that are both equipped with Federal Railroad Administration-compliant tools and diagnostic equipment needed to quickly fix any problems that arise with the machinery. Our factory-trained technicians are current in the latest repair techniques and have parts available at their fingertips. The team can also build parts to unique specifications.
  • Testing Services—NMC is home to Nebraska’s only full-service Fluid Analysis Lab. This means that we can assist with all maintenance of hi-rail equipment, including testing the machine’s fluids to pinpoint potential issues before they become job-stopping problems.
  • Field Services—NMC Railway Systems field service technicians can travel to the job site for a variety of reasons, ranging from regular maintenance to on-site repairs. The technicians arrive at the site with a fully-stocked service truck that’s ready to diagnose—and quickly fix problems to get machines back on the job faster while following all e-RAILSAFE and FRA safety regulations.
  • On-Site Training—To ensure your maintenance team is comfortable and confident in the machine’s operation, we provide comprehensive training at your jobsite. We can also customize training to meet specific client needs. 

Contact NMC Railway Systems today. Our rail solutions will let your crew focus on what they do best – getting the job done the right way the first time, every time.