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May 01, 2012

Omaha, Neb. (May 2012) – NMC Railway Systems, a division of NMC Inc., announced today that they will introduce the new Backhoe Loader High-Rail Dolly System to the NMC Railway Systems product line. The advanced design of this rail-bound system facilitates operation and allows operators to get quickly on and off track. The newly released Backhoe Loader High-Rail Dolly System’s improved design efficiently transports backhoe equipment to difficult track locales including bridge work, dense vegetation, and water logged and remote areas.

This specialized system delivers reduced downtime associated with equipment relocation to jobsites, increases speed and agility in getting on and off track, and eliminates costly and excessive adaptation systems. The Backhoe Loader High-Rail Dolly System simply attaches to the undercarriage of the NMC backhoe to friction drive the backhoe on rail. Components for this system can be easily removed and stored in the upright position to allow operators to return to normal backhoe operation without interference from the components.

“We are continuing to expand the range of equipment that specializes in track and maintenance of way operations,” said Chuck Haskell, Sales Manager for NMC Railway Systems. “We are excited about a number of new products coming down the line and plan to unveil our new high-rail equipment.”

Clickhere to learn more about the NMC Railway Systems Backhoe Loader High-Rail DollySystem

About NMC Railway Systems

NMC Railway Systems has been providing railroad customers with a complete range of maintenance of way equipment and specialty attachments since 2007. For more information, contact NMC Railway Systems at 866.662.7799 or click here to contact NMC Railway Systems.